Who We Are

God created us to be with others and live life together. While we may not live under the same roof, our groups go on adventures together, are there for one another through the good and the bad, and worship and study together. Our groups have fun. Our groups are real.
Whether by way of videos, discussion, or someone sharing their thoughts, our groups exist to study the Bible, experience His love, and discover how to apply the Word to our lives. We do not claim to have all the answers, and though some answers will not come easily, we will find them together.
Our groups are unique. Some of our groups function similarly to Sunday School classes, others meet in the homes of our gracious hosts where we share a meal and engage in a meaningful study. There is a group for everyone, come and find what works best for you and your family.

How do I find a Group for Me?

Bible Study Groups
The primary goal of these groups is to study and deepen one’s understanding of the Bible together.
Mid-Week Groups
These groups are like Bible Study Groups, but are designed for busy family schedules by meeting during the week.
Prayer Groups
Individuals come together for a time dedicated to reflection, sharing, and prayer for the many things going on in the community.
Outreach Groups
We believe giving back as much as we are given and showing others the love of Christ.
Worship Groups
We believe that God has blessed us immensely, and we seek to lead others to experience the freedom to worship.
Affinity Groups
We are all about developing relationships beyond the walls of the church.  We do so by going to do activities together and having fun!
Volunteer Groups
Everything we do from Bible Study Groups to Affinity Groups is only possible when people step up to lead. Find a place to volunteer today!
Moving Forward
We still have so much further to go in our ministry, and we would love to hear from you and walk with you and your family.


Don’t see a group that fits you?

Want to start your own group?

Great! There is nothing wrong with being unique and having a vision
 for what you want to see in a group. Come and talk to us! We would
love to hear your ideas and help equip you to start a life changing group.
It just takes one step, and it’s a step we will take together.

Nick Poole
Pastor of Children,
Families, and Small Groups

 About Nick

The kids call him Mr. Nick, an eccentric nerd who genuinely loves his family, the kids, his church, and his community. Nick is married to the love of his life, Emma Poole. They love to play board games, LEGOs, kayak, and fish. Nick graduated from Lee University with both his Bachelors (Youth Ministry) and Masters (Youth and Family Ministry). Nick has served here since 2016 and has loved working with the amazing people in Maryville, Alcoa, and the surrounding areas.