Making a Difference


Making a Difference at Home

Giving makes a difference at home, it is something we are blessed to participate in. Each gift that is given is placed toward making a difference right here in Maryville, TN. We believe in taking care of what we have been blessed with: an amazing home and community. Your gifts help clothe and feed those in need, builds wheelchair ramps, supports the mission of the church, and so much more.

Making a Difference

around the Globe

Giving makes a difference around the globe, a mission we believe we are called to participate in and experience. Part of each gift that is given is designated to help communities of believers all over the world. We support fellow pastors, build schools, work in medical and dental clinics, build and repair homes, and more! Just as importantly, we send our own people to participate in this amazing adventure! For more information on our Missions, click here

 Ways to Give

Sunday Mornings

You can contribute by a paper check made payable to First Baptist Church. Then place your check in the offering plate or in the black lockbox on the wall outside the church office door or bring it to the church office.

For better tracking, we prefer the use of offering envelopes. Our envelopes are sent out quarterly by an envelope service. Please contact the church office to have these envelopes mailed to you. If you just need a few, please pick up individual envelopes from the church office or from the bins on the back of the pews.


For convenience, we also accept gifts given electronically with a credit or debit card or an electronic check. This can be accomplished through your personal bank’s online payment service (if available) or our secure E-Giving site.

To access our E-Giving, simply click on the picture below which takes you to the site. Then follow the step-by-step instructions to create a login and make a contribution. Recurring contributions may also be set up through our E-Giving program and often through the online payment system of most banks. For more information about our E-Giving site, please email us at

 More Ways to Give

If you want to designate your offering to a specific fund, please write the fund name or a description of it on your check’s memo line, on your offering envelope, or in the “Other” box located in our E-Giving site.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the office by email or by phone at 865-982-5531.

Thank you for supporting First Baptist Church of Maryville.