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Marriage and Money

Money is a major source of conflict for couples.  In fact, studies show that more than threee quarters of young couples that separate before age 30 report financial problems as the primary cause of their separation.  One-third of couples report money as their number one issue.  People come into relationships with a wide range of ideas, philosphies, and spending habits regarding money.  The result of these differences is often conflict in our marriages and relationships.

Marriage and Money is a program designed to educate and encourage couples in this area.  The program addresses:

  • The reason for conflict
  • God's minimum financial standards for couples
  • His, hers, or ours?
  • Tithing and what to do when spouse objects
  • The cash clash - spender against saver.
  • Practical application
        - How to talk about money
        - How to create a budget that works
        - Money tips
        - Laying a firm foundation
        - Pursuing big dreams on a small budget.

Couples can expect to be challenged, encouraged, and motivated to exchange financial conflict for a partnership where harmonious communication leads to smart money choices.

Speakers Mke and Lori Bishop, owners of Mountain Top Retirement Planning, are passionate about helping couples manage day to day finances, develop a financial plan and pursue goals and dreams.  As a couple, they offer a candid, honest and sometimes humorous view of how couples deal with finances and creative solutions to some common problems.

First Baptist will be offering this seminar on Wednesday nights starting April 19, at 6pm, in Room 203 of the Family Life Center.