Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m
Together in Christ, we love God and others.



Our Mission and Purpose

Together in Christ, we love God and others.


Who We Are and Why We Exist

Our Mission

Together in Christ, we love God and others.


How We Reach Our Mission

We strive to reach our mission through worship, discipleship, and missions.

1. Worship

We are a Christ-centered community committed to the worship of God. Worship occurs in both personal and community contexts, as individuals pursue the worship of God in daily life, as parents lead their children into worship, and as our faith community enters into worship together. The following can be expected in our community worship:

  • Praise and thanksgiving through music and the arts;
  • The proclamation and interpretation of God’s Word;
  • Repentance and prayer;
  • The ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper;
  • Baby dedications;
  • The giving of our resources.

2. Discipleship

Our church family is committed to the discipleship of believers into full Christian maturity, and our structure is focused on Children, Youth, College, Adult, and Senior Adult ministries.

Discipleship in the FBC Maryville family is supported by the following elements:

  • Education: Teaching and learning the Bible in Sunday School and other weekly study groups;
  • Fellowship: Developing deep relationships through sharing life together;
  • Compassion Care: Caring for the sick and bereaved in our church family and community;
  • Integration: Helping newcomers integrate into our church family.

3. Missions

Jesus taught us that what we do “to the least of these brothers or sisters, you did to me.” In response, we strive to love God and others through our missions. Our focus on missions recognizes that every believer is an ambassador for Christ. Our mission ministries are focused on the growth and advancement of God’s kingdom on earth through local and global initiatives, including:

  • Mercy ministries for the poor in spirit and health (e.g. home repairs, providing clean water, care of widows and orphans, adoption ministries, hunger relief, etc.);
  • Evangelism by each follower of Christ sharing the gospel and their own faith story with others (e.g. Vacation Bible School, Community block parties, Community prayer walks and visitation, at work and school, and as other opportunities arise).